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Tiny Pandora 36 Watt UV Lamp

Tiny Pandora 36 Watt UV Lamp

$ 38.00

I was able to get 10 - 36 UV Lights with stay-on button and  2 minute option in white. These will sell out fast. Tracking says I’ll get them Wed, Sept 16. 

This light has four 9 watt, long-life UV bulbs. It's a generous size, and hardens all UV resins. It has a removable curing deck. In fact, I slide my deck off and use foil. That way, I can tilt the lamp up and check without disturbing the piece. Then I can toss the foil when I’m through. The timer has two settings-set it for 2 minutes or use it in “stay on” mode. 

Your light may be white, pink, fuchsia or purple. At present, I never know what color will be sent to me. They're hard to get in bulk because theyre beng used for sterilization during Covid.

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