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TriCaps-for Kaleidoscope Canes

TriCaps-for Kaleidoscope Canes

$ 22.00

Triangular canes can be tricky to reduce; and no one likes to go through the disappointment of losing inches of cane on each end during the process.

That's why we have TriCaps. These triangular caps have been hard to get. Fortunately, we finally found a manufacturer who could cut and polish them just the way we like!

You get a set of six genuine Lucite caps that will not become dull or corroded with polymer clay. The sizes are 3 inch, 2-1/2 inch & 2 inch and they are equilateral.

Of course, they are great for reduction, just like the round and square CaneCaps; but they're also handy to use as templates to keep your triangular canes equal on each side. That makes hexagons easy to assemble, so your kaleidoscope canes come out perfect every time.

Look for a video demo soon.

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