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DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish 1 Ounce

$ 17.00

Are you looking for a durable, non-yellowing, glossy finish? Then you're in luck!  DeepShine is thinner than regular UV resin but it doesnt drip; so you can brush an even coat on your pieces even if they're curved, concave or convex. DeepShine is all you need for a hard, waterproof, scratch-resistant finish on bowls, vases, sculpture and jewelry.

PLUS, you can mix DeepShine with Tiny Pandora Ultrafine glitter to create UV Glitterpaint. Since you cure between colors, you can use it in even the tightest spaces. (See mandala image)

Also available in 2 ounce.


Lightly sand piece if necessary to remove high spots or rough areas. Do not buff. Wipe off any sanding dust. Apply DeepShine with a soft brush. Cure for 4 minutes in 36 watt UV light (available on this site).



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