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Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique:Unusual Things for Unusual People

Welcome, Friends!

Artists are a truly unique breed - Dreamy yet Focused, Fiery yet Mellow. This certainly applies to my partner, Teresa Pandora Salgado.  In 2015, after she'd spent five years looking for just the right size rods, she decided to invent them herself.

Pandora experimented with materials from ordinary plastic (clay eats into it) to wood (becomes stained) to stainless steel (annoying clanky noises) until she finally found a Lucite supplier. Lucite - durable, clean, quiet, and, best of all, transparent.

Since then, her CaneBenders, SquareBenders, CaneCaps, SquarePairs and EasyCuffs have become essential to clay artists all over the world; so I set up Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique to handle the orders.

Pandora insisted on adding unusual pretties for you, saying "no one wants look at a store full of clear stuff" 

 So, have fun and peruse at your leisure. We hope you enjoy it.

Spike Malone - Proprietor