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Translucent cane is fascinating on glass. You can use it with electric light, battery lights or sunshine. If you like the tools shown here, my webstore has Canebenders, Squarebenders and lots more. LC Slicer Polymer Clay: Supply List: 2oz (1 pkg) each of Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay in: Peacock Pearl/Bright Green Pearl/Purple Pearl/(Pearl/White/ Translucent. One pinch of ultramarine blue to whiten the translucent. I glass bottle or other heat-proof object to cover. You will need a sharp cutting blade like the Sculpey Super Slicer; or if you plan to do a lot of caning projects, particularly translucent caning, go to and take a look at the LC Slicer, the state of the art way to cut clay.

Find all these tools and more at See how easy it is to create detailed canes with my exclusive tools. This fun, no-blend cane offers lots of variations. I used Sculpey Souffle, my favorite caning clay, to created a wild, colorful pattern with plenty of contrast to maintain even the smallest detail even when it's reduced.

Scayning (Sculptural caning) is an easy way to lend dimension to your projects. You'll love the freedom of bending millefiori canes. See more caning tutorials on this channel and be sure to check out Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique for Canebenders, Squarebenders, Canecaps and lots more. Go to

Lucite rods and other tools and pretties are available at Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique. This tutorial is all about complex caning and "scayning", my signature technique of sculpting with cane. You will love putting your twist on the colors, sizes and shapes of cane and Pandora makes it easy by showing you exactly how canes are constructed. Love, Pandora

You can now buy SquareBenders, CaneBenders, CaneCaps, SquarePairs, EasyCuffs and more at Simple tools make caning SO much easier. That's why I invented Canebenders and Squarebenders. This focus of this video is using the square ones. Here is a link to the video showing the round ones. Either shape are $20.00 + postage. I do ship internationally. To order, go to

Get Canebenders at Https:// This is a fun and easy cane to make. I used Sculpey Souffle, my favorite caning clay, in these color combinations: Lagoon/Robin's Egg, Jade/Key Lime and Royal/Bluestone, plus a blend of equal parts Sandcastle and Igloo for the beige, also Poppy Seed (black) Check out the Squarebenders video Save on postage when you order both sets.

You can get my tools at

Come see many more videos and check out my Lucite Tools and Cuff Kits at MOIKO Silk Screens are available at and Tonja's Treasures It's easy to make cool and snakey bracelets with my super strong clay formula and some products from Sculpey, Christi Friesen and Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique..Here are links: EasyCuffs Kit SquarePairs Goldilocks Brushes Christi Friesen Surface FX I used 1/2 Sculpey Premo Translucent and 1/2 Sculpey Accents Yellow Gold Glitter for the bracelet base. Colors used in the snake cane were Sculpey White, Antique Gold and Alizarin Crimson. The mica powder is from Christi Friesen and I got my Sculpey Texture Sheet at Michael's Crafts. Here is a link to another cuff design. I have lots more here on my channel. Enjoy! Designing your own bracelet is simple and satisfying with EasyCuffs and a few Tips! This cuff demo shows easy ways to embed crystals and hang dangles or charms. Here are links to products: EasyCuffs Templates and Metal Forms Sculpey Premo White Gold Glitter Sculpey Etch and Pearl Tool Set Sculpey Ball Stylus Set Pointed Back Crystals 3 mm Headpins, chain, clasp, beads, Crazyglue Learn to make kaleidoscope canes by creating components out of simple blends and shapes and putting them together. I use tools from my store I created the tools so millifiori cane makers would have an easier time making and changing shapes of canes. Mixed color formulas are all Sculpey Premo and Souffle: Magenta = 3 parts Fuchsia, 1 part Ultramarine Blue Purple = 3 parts Ultramarine Blue, 1 part Fuchsia Pale Blue = 3 parts Souffle Robin's Egg, 1 part Sculpey Premo Accents Pearl brings you the BEST project ever! This working 3 minute hourglass is something you'll want to make for yourself and for everyone on your gift list. Get your adorable hourglass and the pre-cut wooden armature sticks at

No more distortion and no more wasted cane ends. These caning essentials come in a set of 8 caps, two sizes, two shapes. Round or square canes can go from large to tiny quickly and easily with CaneCaps. See CaneCaps and more tools at

It's much easier to use square canes to make bracelets and covererd objects with a square cane, right? Now you can easily make round canes into square canes with SquarePairs. is the place to find SquarePairs, my other caning tools and lots of other fun stuff.

This kit contains three aluminum forms, which you can use over and over. There are three Lucite templates. The widths are matched to the forms and they are 1/2" 3/4" and 1" wide. s also coordinate with SquarePairs-so you can create just the right sizes of square cane to fit the forms. See video The templates are 8 1/4" long, standard bangle size; so you can also use them for bangles. Enjoy! I have over 40 vids on Youtube plus lots of others. Google Teresa Pandora Salgado for links and images.

In this video we will make a gorgeous cane that can be used for all types of projects from jewelry to home décor.

To order Lucite rods, go to I filmed this freestyle complex caning private class with a first time clayer and it was SO much fun. We show how to create a complex cane and apply it to glass.

Learn to Pandorafy any shape cane - form triangles into squares and use the scrap for a cute pendant. I teach my cane making techniques, Pandorafication (altering cane shapes) and scayning (sculpting with cane) on and at the Polymer Clay Adventure. Links below. Polymer Clay Adventure

Make bracelets that fit any size wrist with the EasyCuff Kit from Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique. This vid offers ideas for several kinds of cuff closures using headpins, rings, eye screws and chain. You can even use glue-on bails, slipped into the ends of the cuffs, for elegant clasps. Pandora also shows you how to use scrap cane to create beautiful OOAK bracelets. Enjoy!

Here are all the tips you'll need to make the newest and most fun Crystals and Fairy Bottle pendants. Use Clear Liquid Clay or resin for hundreds of beautiful effects. Tina Pandora Crafting Boutique offers four complete Kits-The Mega-Bling Project Packs-which contain 48 varieties of sparkly inclusions (micro mylar strands, micro beads, sequins and stars, moons, hearts plus micro glitter. You'll also get 10 molds, 10 mixing cups (essential!) and 10 eye screws. Have a blast creating original Fairy Bottles for gifts and for you! Kits, tools and lots of other pretties await you at

These two bracelets are fun and easy to make. Polymer clay jewelry is something everyone can learn; so join Pandora for a no-stress tutorial that will leave you feeling like an expert.

This is the first in a series of quick videos answering questions I have received. Bracelets and Cuffs are a blast to make. The flat ones are self explanatory, especially if you use the Lucite template and aluminum form in the EasyCuffs Kit. Here is a link. but when you want a domed effect, there are a couple of tricks you can use to create a uniform shape on the form. Once you have created a domed shape, you can cover it with a cane strip, texture it, use mica powders, apply a silk screened kit, or use acrylic paints or alcohol inks to enhance your design. In this video, we use a strip of cane slices. Be sure to COMMENT below if there is something you would like me to demonstrate. Love, Pandora

Make your own charms with Sculpey Bakeable Liquid Clay. All you need are some small items, glitters, mica powders, clear coat, findings and molds. Hang your charms from chains to make bracelets and necklaces with any theme. It's super fun and rewarding. See more tutorials here on Youtube or at my store

Beads are super fun to make and they don't have to be complicated to be beautiful. These beads are made with Sculpey Premo White translucent, Peacock and Ultramarine blue. The glossy coating is DEEPSHINE BRUSH-ON UV FINISH. If you dread buffing like I do, DeepShine is for you. Come check it out at Here are links: DeepShine Sculpey Clays Ginger Davis Allman

Stop by Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique for CaneBenders, SquareBenders and other specialized cane making tools. I used Sculpey Premo in White, Fuchsia, Yellow and Black-2 packs of each. I made a double stacked 3 part blend. I cut it into 4 equal pieces-from left to right, then blended the pieces to make my 4 colors. I used the 4 colors with white to make Skinner blended jelly rolls. I reduced the jelly rolls into smaller and smaller sizes. I made a black strip on the thickest setting and stacked it 4 high. Then I used my CaneBenders to create channels for the logs. I used the SquareBenders to settle the black #7 sheet into the indentations. The rest is pretty easy. If you have any questions, email me at

The EasyCuff Kit contains four diferent sized Lucite templates with 4 matching re-usable metal forms. The DeepShine Kit offers a UV light with DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish cups and brush. The Sculpey Premo Yellow Gold Glitter clay and the other clays used, plus the Silk Screens are available at Findings are from Findings are from

Transform a dollar store bowl into a family heirloom with polymer clay canework. For these projects, I used 3 bars of Sculpey Souffle in Poppy Seed, Igloo and Lagoon. In this video, I show you how to make interesting components that can be combined to create great effects. I leave the bowls in after baking. They stay in quite well if you hand wash them.

Cures in 5 minutes.Do you love the look of glossy bracelets, earrings, pendants, and beads but hate endless sanding and buffing? Are your poor little hands feeling sore. Well, cut it out, my Loves. Tiny Pandora DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish is here. This easy to use formula will make your crafting easier and your creations more beautiful than ever. It cures in under 5 minutes and the shine is durable. Get the DeepShine Kit with the light or, if you already have a UV Lamp, just get the DeepShine and Clay on!

Add some useful skills like decoupage, painting and polymer clay blend making, to your crafting tool box with these simple techniques. Making a keepsake box is a labor of love and SO much fun. You'll find many of the items you need right at home: scrapbook paper, white glue, acrylic paints, scrap jewelry, and polymer clay.

I hope you enjoy this complex caning tutorial. Thank you, everyone for your support of my art, my teaching and my store. All these caning tools are available at For live classes in your area, email me at In this video I use CaneBenders, SquareBenders, SquarePairs, CaneCaps and EasyCuffs.

Learn to make components, scale them to fit with each other, and combine them to create kaleidoscope canes from polymer clay. I'm using Sculpey Souffle polymer clay in Lagoon, Poppy Seed and Igloo. The rods are available in sets of four round or square shapes. The tool I used to compress the blend-SquarePairs, come in sets of 3 sizes. Those tools plus lots of other cool items are available at

It's such a blast to attach bits and bobs to your bracelets. Use these tips to create a cuff bracelet in any style. Cuff kits and lots of are at Awesome Metallicious Micas & Steampunk Bits are at

Greetings, my friends! I've been busy in the laBORatory trying new things to show you. Check out these fun projects with Sculpey Bakeable Liquid Clay, UV Resin or two-part resin. And of course you'll love the handy kits offered by Here are links to Lisa Pavelka, Christi Friesen's and