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Triangular Template Kit for Perfect Rolled Beads

$ 22.00

I remember going through my grandma’s jewelry box and never tiring of the vast variety of beads. Now I make my own; and after making thousands, I decided to streamline two areas: scaling the blend and uniform sizing of the beads. 

With this 8 piece kit, you have the option of using the templates to make compact blends that will fit your bead size.

The same templates will help you create beads of exactly the same size with your blended strips, or with any design sheets (veneers) you choose - including sheets that are caned, textured, or silk screened.

Graduated beads are easy to make by using the different sized templates with different thicknesses of clay. 

The Kit contains:

3 Lucite templates

Mega Blade

8” x 1-1/2”   8 x 1” -  8 x 3/4” 

2 Bakeable Steel Tubes

1 Tube Brush



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