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You can finally reduce round and square canes without distortion. Thank goodness!

For years, I had no lids on my Pringles, no tops on my Planters. Pandora took them all and cut them up to make end caps for her canes. Worse yet, she didn't like scraping the clay off of them; so she needed A LOT of lids. Then, one fine day, she invented CaneCaps. They are sturdy Lucite disks in just the right sizes and shapes and the clay wipes right off. 

You can reduce your canes very quickly with the ends perfectly intact. (And, yes, now all my snacks stay fresh.) CaneCaps come in two sizes, 2" and 1-1/2" and two shapes, Round & Square. There are 8 in a set. They are expensive because of the unbelievable cutting fees. Can't be helped. Here are two video demos.

Tiny Pandora Tools Review            Pandora's CaneCaps Demo

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