UV Super Bundle

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Here is everything you need to join the UV Revolution! 

You will receive:

 36 Watt UV Light with 2 minute and stay-on mode

 GemSticky  (8 ml) permanent adhesion for rhinestones, individually or in clusters

 StickyWands with tiny ends for picking up GemSticky and placing it accurately

 GemPutty (15ml) super strong solid resin you can roll into strands or shape to fit the   project you are attaching 

 GemPutty Tool that won't bend when you scoop GemPutty out of the jar

 DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish (1 oz) for a glassy resin shine without the mess

 DeepShine Cups (5)

 DeepShine Brush

Every order receives a Product Guide with directions for all of the products. And be sure to check out my 108 tutorials and demos on my Youtube channel.