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DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish Get Started Kit

$ 56.00

Only fuchsia or purple lights are currently available. 

GAME CHANGER ALERT: Are you sick of buffing your polymer clay treasures until your poor little hands just plum wear out? Me too. Let's stop the madness. Here's a video demo:

Tiny Pandora DeepShine is a UV gloss finish for all projects because it doesn't require pouring. The difference is in the viscosity. DeepShine is thin enough to apply with a brush, yet thick enough to stay on curved surfaces such as bowls, pendants, bracelets and beads without running.

Choose the Get Started Kit or, if you already have a 36 Watt UV Light, all you'll need is the Refill Kit. A little DeepShine goes a long way.

Get Started Kit Includes:

36 Watt UV Light with removable curing deck.

1 ounce DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish

Applicator Brush 

5 cups


You do it like this:

1)Remove any packing. Snip with scissors in the center and pull it off. I also remove the curing deck. I prefer to use a double sheet of foil because it’s slides out easily and can be replaced often.
2)Rock black button forward (infinity sign) to use “stay on” option. Rock black button back and press red (or pink) button (120 minute sign)if you want to cure for 2 minute increments.

Lightly sand pieces if necessary to remove rough areas. Do not buff. Place your creation on a sheet of foil. Pour a very small amount of DeepShine into the cup (provided). Apply, in a very thin coat, onto your project with the brush provided. Place project in UV light for 4-5 minutes. 

Want a higher clearance for your curing deck? Use what you have on hand and raise it up to fit your project. I used packs of clay :-) 

Brush Care: Solvents are not recommended. Just wipe off brush on a paper towel, Then wrap bristles in foil to protect them from light.


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