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DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish

$ 16.00


GAME CHANGER ALERT: Are you sick of sanding and buffing your polymer clay treasures until your poor little hands just plum wear out? Me too. Let's stop the madness. Here's a video demo:

Tiny Pandora DeepShine is a UV gloss finish for all projects because it doesn't require pouring. The difference is in the viscosity. DeepShine is thin enough to apply with a brush, yet thick enough to stay on curved surfaces such as bowls, pendants, bracelets and beads without running.

Choose the Get Started Kit or, if you already have a 36 Watt UV Light, all you'll need is the Refill Kit. A little DeepShine goes a long way.

Get Started Kit Includes:

Full Size 36 Watt UV Light with removable (6"x 6") curing deck.

1 ounce DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish

Applicator Brush 

5 cups

Instruction Card

Refill Kit Includes:

1 ounce DeepShine + Applicator Brush + Instruction card

You do it like this:

Place you creations on a sheet of foil. Pour a very small amount of DeepShine into the cup (provided). Apply to your project with a soft brush (provided), using as few strokes as possible. Place project in UV light for 5 minutes. Add as many coats as you like!

Want a higher clearance for your curing deck? Use what you have on hand and raise it up to fit your project. I used packs of clay :-) See photo.

Brush Care: Solvents are not recommended. Just wipe off brush on a paper towel, Then wrap bristles in foil to protect them from light. Store in the little resealable bag (provided). 


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