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EasyCollar Kit

$ 26.00

Collar necklaces are the ultimate crafters' WIN-WIN! They're so flattering to wear and a blast to make. Since they require no rigid form or base, you can adjust the EasyCollar template to any size width or length. Plus, you can cut your collar bases out of scrap. No more wasted clay!

The templates are laminated with PE plastic; so they're easy to clean and do not react with polymer. Just wipe the clay off with a dry paper towel and use them over and over.

And how do you like the Bubble Mat? Use it for all kinds of dot effects with clay, pearls, or crystals. Speaking of sparkles, you'll also get 175 high quality multi-color rhinestones.

Do you like glass cabochons? Good! Get a gorgeous assortment of Bake-able Glass Cabs for your projects. In fact, here's is a list of all the things you'll receive in your EasyCollar Kit.

2 EasyCollar Templates   2 Fancy Toggle Clasps   8 jump rings   chain  4 bails

1 TinyBottle of Crystals   1 Bubble Mat   Assorted Bakeable Glass Cabochons 

Try the EasyCollar with texture, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, cane and mokume gane. How about Steampunk, mixed media, decoupage and transfers? The possibilities are endless.

Here are THREE FREE EasyCollar tutorials for you:







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