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Goldilocks Art Brush DeLuxe Collection

Goldilocks Art Brush DeLuxe Collection

$ 22.00

Why are these called Goldilocks? Because they're not too big, not too small, and not too long. They're just right. Yes, my fine pretties, it's TRUE. You get all 15 brushes, the Papa Bears, the Mama Bears and the Baby Bears. (Plus, I get to use the word "deluxe", which is seldom heard any more ). The brushes are well made and the little hairs don't fall out. Pandora uses them for mica powders, alcohol inks and acrylic paints and the sizes work perfectly for fine, precise work. Best of all, though, they are a  perfect length, about 6" tall; so they don't poke you in the eye when you lean in close. For years, Pandora has been snapping regular brushes in half in frustration and throwing the unwanted pieces over her shoulder. It's not pretty. (Thank goodness those days are over).

Two FYI's: 1) Supplies of these brushes are always limited; but if they are out of stock, we will notify you and put you on the priority list. 2) Pandora suggests that you clean your Goldilocks brushes with hand soap and cool water. 


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