Magic Glos UV Resin

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Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos is a no-odor doming UV resin that's great for casting inclusions in shallow molds. Mix in some sparkles, alcohol inks, beads or little stones. It’s also ideal for casting charms and photos in flat molds or bezels. Cures in bright sunlight or UV Light. This 1 ounce bottle has a convenient squeeze top and it's super easy to use.

Hint: Magic Glos is fairly thick for ease of control. Don't squeeze the bottle too hard and cause the nozzle to pop off.  If you want the resin to flow faster, set bottle in warm water befor using. That will cause it to be temporarily thinner and flow more easily. Here are some free tutorials. Snow Queen Collar Stretch Tile Bracelet Charms Pendant

UV Doming resin creates a dome by pulling inward. That means fast-curing doming resin like Magic Glos can leave an empty margin on your piece. To avoid this, go around the edge, cure 5 minutes in 36 watt light; then fill in and cure again.