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My Favorite Micas

$ 6.50

Like you, I’m a huge Christ Friesen Fan; and it's such an honor to carry her products in my store.  Strength & Glamour are the two mica colors I've used again and again; so I finally got smart and bought some NICE BIG ONES for me and for YOU.

Strength is a rich, versatile coppery shade that also meets your gold, brass and antique gold needs. I've never seen a metallic color that does that.

Glamour is a completely unique iridescent, color-shifting white.  You have to see it to truly understand it's properties. 

A little goes a long way; so this .25 oz jar is basically a lifetime supply, even for me. :)

How to use Christi Friesen Surface FX:  Wear a mask, place your unbaked creation on a sheet of paper, apply with a soft brush. Pour the excess back into the jar. Bake. For the antique look shown, put your mask back on and lightly sand after baking to reveal the color underneath. Easy Peasy.

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