The Best Texture Stamps Ever

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Lately I've been making projects that cry out for the perfect texture; so I searched for the coolest ones I could find. I chose the following 9 patterns because they each offered the deepest patterns and most versatile motifs. 
Ancient Doodles:
A truly classic stamp that works with classical Greek, Aztec and Egyptian themes. 
This one's wild and crazy - just like you. Spirals, sunbursts, rainbows, nets, webs and diamond shapes combine to create a Zentangle effect.
Want four individual Zentangles in a smaller scale? This is it.
Dancing Dots:
I love the perfectly round indentations. Theyre great places for rhinestones and the surrounding shapes form little instant bezels.
Ethnic Border:
You get three gorgeous borders. One looks Polynesian, one is Celtic, and one has some kind of amazing Byzantine vibe and is designed to repeat indefinitely.
This one is lush, deep, and complex - like me. Use mica powder, Inka Gold, chalk pastels or acrylic paint to create dazzling effects.
Love Letter:
Still my fave for its mystery and sweetness. I use it on jewelry and on box interiors because it complments any style piece.
If you're interested in The Sutton Slice technique, this is the deepest and most detailed image you can buy. And the medium scale is perfect for nearly any project. It also looks great with surface effects.
Shanks A Lot:
You can't go wrong with six different 3/8th inch strips of beautiful trim. Add these to your piece see the transformation.
All of the stamps are 4-1/2' x 5-1/2" and are bakeable.