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Rhinestone Nirvana - Chameleons

$ 3.00

 After many months of study, I've cracked the complexities of rhinestone acquisition. Let me tell you, it like a crash course in the stock market. There are thousands of sellers and thousands of prices. and there are many levels of quality. I locate and buy the best rhinestones available; then I inspect each one for imperfections before I place it in the jewel cup. I reject about 25% of the rhinestones I buy. As a result, I can offer rhinestones that will not disappoint you. Best of all, you'll have them in just a few days instead of weeks.  Satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.<3Pandora

 Our rhinestone selection is ever-changing. Check back often because we replenish our supply every week.

 These are such versatile stones. These unusual stones make sophisticated earrings and pendants; or use them in home decor on a picture frame or sculpture. Use them alone or add smaller, varied rhinestones around them to create one of a kind pieces of your own design. 

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