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EasyCuffs Kit with CATbachons 1"

$ 20.00
   Your were expecting cabochons? Not this time, Kitty! You're getting CATbachons! These CatCabCuffs are super easy to make and even easier to sell; and just ONE sold bracelet will pay for the whole kit!  You will receive the popular 1" wide Lucite template with 2 re-usable metal cuff forms, PLUS enough bails and adorable CATcabs to create 4 Cuffs. Cat faces may vary. And here's a quick vid on how to peel the template (easy):

Kit includes: 1 Lucite Template/2 Metal Forms/8 Spoon Bails/PLUS 20 BAKEABLE Glass CATbochons! Make four or make more! 

Tiny Pandora EasyCuff Kit Reviews -

"I have bought the square/round benders, plus end caps and easycuffs set. they arrived quickly. I have spent the day blending and caning, have made three cuffs, tomorrow I will try doing a bangle.
They come off the metal cuffs very easy after baking. Love love them!"

Linda Littleton

"I got my bracelet kit in the mail today. It is so easy to use! I already have one baking in the oven! Thank you for making wonderful tools! I will be ordering more from you soon"

Amy Chevalier


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