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These little beauties are super useful for all kinds of claying. All Squarebenders are solid and are 6" long and come in a set of 1/8" - 1/4" - 1/2" and 3/4" diameters. Make precise angular impressions and insert bullseye or jellyroll canes, striped elements or extruded logs. Check out the Polymer Clay Tutor - Cindy Lietz review and see why Squarebenders are essential.

Tiny Pandora Canebenders Reviews -

"I am thrilled with my cane caps...square benders and round benders it has cut my work time way down. I cant wait to get some square pairs and also excited to try all your new items! And best of all the owners are just like you and I Excited about Polymer clay! Thank you for making our lives easier."

Tammy Frame

"I have bought the square/round benders, plus end caps and easycuffs set. they arrived quickly. I have spent the day blending and caning, have made three cuffs, tomorrow I will try doing a bangle.
They come off the metal cuffs very easy after baking. Love love them!"

Linda Littleton

 Tiny Pandora Tools Review

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