Three Mirror Compacts with Cutter

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Certain things are simply irresistible to Crafters like us;  and these compacts just cry out for decoration, don’t they? I’ve done some in polymer clay using cane, silk screened sheets, veneers, and swirl disks. I’ve also used glitter & sequins directly in the bezel and liquid clay with molded seahorses & coral. There’s no end to the possibilities. These compacts are silver steel with 2 mirrors and are 3” wide with a 2-1/2” open bezel top. 

Directions: Cut out polymer clay pieces with your cutter. Bake. Glue into bezel. Add Magic Glos. POW! 

Or, fill the bezel with Magic Glos and add pretties like stickers, glitter, tiny rocks, who knows? 

Then, go someplace and casually take out your compact. Pretend to check your lipstick while you bask in admiring glances. Everyone will be SO JELLIE!😆