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The Mega-Bling Project Packs

$ 26.00

So much Tiny Fun!

Introducing the Mega Bling Project Packs! You have 4 options to choose from! The MB1 includes 48 glass bottles of all micro size foils, glitter, beads & sequins, 10 different shapes of bakeable cylinder molds, 10 mixing cups and 10 eye screws.

PLEASE NOTE: The tiny bottles are thin and delicate. Remove from the holder with care to avoid breakage. 

The MB2 has all of the same items as the MB1 only instead of the cylinder molds you receive a set of 10 classic flat geometric and eclectic shape molds.

The MB3 comes with the New Bakeable Alphabet Mold and, of course, the dazzling new set of 48 inclusions and your super handy rimless mixing cups & eye screws!

And Finally the DELUXE Mega Bling Project Pack includes the Complete Set of 48 inclusions, ALL of the molds, 20 cups and 20 eyescrews .

Use with liquid clay or resin to create truly unique charms , pendants and anything else you can dream up! :-)\

Here are two videos for you.



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