The Tiny Pandora Travel Kit

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Unfortunately, we sometimes have to leave our craft rooms; but now you never have to be stranded without your special stuff. The Tiny Pandora Travel Kit is just the right size and it comes with a Mini Work Surface,  Accessory Box, Lucite Roller, and Tiny Mighty Blade. Just add clay and your fave tools and you can clay anywhere, any time, like waiting rooms. parking lots, boring sports events, parties at your in-laws, planes, trains and automobiles! 

The 9 recessed cavities in the base of the Travel Case hold one ounce of clay each. The Accessory Box has four 4" spaces and five 2" spaces. There is  plenty of room for your blade, cutters, canes and small tools. The Mini Work Surface is bakeable tempered glass and it has non-slip feet. The Genuine Lucite Roller will never stain or react with clay. Both the case and accessory box are durable, clay-friendly PP#5 plastic. 

The Clay Travel Kit Includes:

10 x 10"   Case with 4 latches, handle and 9 recessed     hidey-holes

We 7.5 x 7.5" Bakeable Glass Work Surface with silicone feet

6" x 3/4"  Genuine Lucite Roller

4 x 3/4"    Steel TinyMighty Blade

Now you never have to leave your clay essentials all by their lonesome. <3Pandora