GemSticky UV Adhesive Starter Set

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High viscosity UV Adhesive is such a game changer! Now you can place even the smallest rhinestones on your polymer clay creations and they won't pop off. Just apply a dab of Rhinestone Nirvana UV Gemsticky with your StickyWand, then use your two-ended PickStick to place the stones. The PickStick has a wax end for picking up stones, and a round open end for moving the stones. Cure for 30 seconds in UV light or use an LED flashlight. UV Gemsticky will also cure in sunlight. Pieces with UV GemSticky can be re-baked. 

Your UV GemSticky Starter Set contains:

UV GemSticky    FIVE StickyWands     Dual-Ended PickStick 

Wands can be re-used. Clean them gently with alcohol. Keep them out of the sun.