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Rhinestone Nirvana - Faceted Rhomboids

$ 3.00

 After many months of study, I've cracked the complexities of rhinestone acquisition. Let me tell you, it was like a crash course in the stock market. There are thousands of sellers and thousands of prices. And there are many levels of quality. I locate and buy the best rhinestones available; then I inspect each one for imperfections before I place it in the jewel cup. I reject about 25% of the rhinestones I buy. As a result, I can offer rhinestones that will not disappoint you. Best of all, you'll have them in just a few days instead of weeks.  Satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.<3Pandora

 Our rhinestone selection is ever-changing. Check back often because we constantly replenish our supply. 

I love the shape and sparkle of these gorgeous glass stones. They are pointy back with silver foil and can be glued. The 12x19mm size is perfect for so many projects. In inches, they’re about 3/4” long and 1/2” wide. I wish you could see the special way these facets are cut; but photos don’t do them justice. Sometimes I can get these in bulk and sometimes I can’t; so get the ones you want ASAP. You will receive two rhinestones in a gem display cup as shown. 

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