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Totally New Transfers - Mandalas

$ 12.95

I've made so many cool things with these transfers. Trinket boxes and ornaments and window hangings make such sweet gifts.

The Totally New Transfers Kit includes:

Printed Instructions

8 Transfers (4 Designs, 2 each)

1 - Teeny Tiny Detail  Brush

1 - Mini Glitter-Paint Palette

1 - 4" Ceramic Baking Tile

Now you can transfer detailed images to clay with no paint, no mess and no cleanup. These completely new transfers are laser imprinted on transparent film. 

Cut out your shape. We carry round, oval and square cutters that fit the designs. then burnish the image onto the raw clay. Once you bake them on, then peel them off while theyre just slightly warm, the design is super durable; and you can wipe the surface off with soap and water or even make corrections with rubbing alcohol without smearing the image. That way, you're free to experiment with paints and inks.

And speaking of experiments, I created some glitter paint by mixing DeepShine with Tiny Pandora Ultrafine Glitter. It’s SO fun and relaxing to do. You can cure each color in the UV light; so even the smallest detail is achievable without the colors running into each other.

I applied LIsa Pavelka Magic Glos to the finished pieces and everyone went wild for them. I know'll you go wild too. Here are links for the instructions and video.

Instuctions can alo be viewed here:

 YouTube Video:


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