Wood Bead Kit

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Why make bead cores if you don’t have to?

These beads are made in America by a small family business like ours. And there are SO many ways to decorate them. They’re lightweight, pre-drilled & perfectly uniform, unlike scrap clay beads. Use veneers, cane, mokume, glitter, paint or crystals to create one-of-a-kind combinations. The lightness of the wood lets you freely add glass and metal components to your creations without a heavy feel. You can getter cheaper wooden beads but they’re either too small, pre-painted or the holes are too big. I chose these smooth, unfinished beads with uniform holes perfect for covering. I also created a template so you can easily cut your clay to fit the beads. PLUS, you get the indispensable steel chopstick to hold your bead while you decorate it. 

You’ll get 40 beads total - 10 Each:

1” Ovals , 1/2” Ovals, 1” Round, 3/4” Round

A Matching Template to cut your clay to size

A Steel Chopstick