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Goldilocks Art Brushes-Pick a Size

$ 8.00

For SO long, Pandora made do with brushes that were too big, too small, too soft, too stiff; too pointy, or too blunt; and when they were too long and got in her face, she'd snap the handles clean off!  Oh, yeah, she's a rebel. Fortunately, these brushes are just right. That's why I call them the Goldilocks Art Brushes (Even though they're purple.) They are 7" long and fit nicely in your work space. All Goldilocks brushes are sturdy, washable, and they do not drop little hairs on your project. Use them with mica, acrylic paints, inks and topcoats.

 Choose from three collections. Or If you can't BEAR to pick just one, snag the Deluxe Collection and save. Unfortunately, these are not always available for restock once they are sold out.


Papa Bear: Angle Flat, Round, Flat, Angle Round, Plush

Mama Bear: Med Plush, Med Oval, Taper, Med Angle, Flat Oval

Baby Bear: Small Oval, Small Plush, Snubnose, Small Taper and Detail Brush 


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