About Us

Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique
2504 Sherman Drive
Kokomo IN 46902
(317) 606-0287
Crafting Live with Pandora & Elaina

Greetings, my Friends! And welcome to Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique. My daughter Elaina and I are 5th generation crafters. I'm a caning instructor and a designer for Sculpey. Elaina is a mixed media artist and she manages our little store. Together we try our best to bring joy to our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube friends all over the world. Every Friday at 10AM Eastern, we do a live project with plenty of chatting and goofing off. We'd love to have you join us. Click link above. 

1) We ship internationally. We only charge ACTUAL United States Post Office postage. There are no handling or packaging fees. Outside the US, the postage can be a bit high. Also, there are sometimes customs charges. Unfortunately, we have no control over those fees. If you are an overseas customer, we suggest you try to order everything at one time, rather than pay those charges again and again.

2) If the product is in stock, we ship within 48 hours. 

3) We guarantee our products. If there is any problem, we will replace the product or return your money.

4) We make frequent changes to the kits offered, based on your input and suggestions.

5) Feel free to email us Tinypandorastore@gmail.com.

6) Questions? You can call me at (317) 606-0287. 

Most importantly, THANK YOU  for shopping at Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique.