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FREE PDF's for ALL and Studio Cryptique have brought you something wonderful and free. And isn't it nice to know some things are actually free? This is the story.

Studio Cryptique is a production company sponsored by Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique. I'm Teresa Pandora Salgado and I've formed a group called the Be Seen-Be Known Design Team. Hundreds of artists applied for a position on the team. I chose 12 people. My choice was based on two basic criteria:


Diversity brings new points of view; which these artists can share with the entire world through their videos on the Studio Cryptique YouTube channel. What an opportunity!

And dedication? The Crypties (as the design team members are known) have gotta have it! Without hard work and what my mom used to call "stick-to-it-tivity", artists will NOT be seen and will NOT be known. And that's a pity.

The Crypties commit to 6 videos and 6 PDF's per year, preferably demonstrating Tiny Pandora products, but that's not mandatory. In return, I provide support through free products and mentorship in the form of advice, promotion and encouragement. Team members are also invited to clay with me at Studio Cryptique, in Arcadia, Indiana. (It is so-named because it is located in an abandoned funeral home.)

Cynthia Gougian - Beads and Blends Bookmark

Krithika Parthan - Fantasy Bangle

Cynthia Gougian - Fantasy Feather Charms

Cynthia Gougian - How to Make Polymer Clay Faux Glass Beads

Priscilla Andrews - Fall Fiesta Leaf Basket

Krithika Parthan - Easy Cone Beads

Angela Thompson - Liquid Clay String-Pull

Rosiland RBJewelz - Easy Heart/Steampunk Journal

Angela Thompson - Sari Silk Inspiration Set

Cynthia Gougian - Toggle Clasp Necklace

Stacy - Galaxy Bangle (Alcohol Ink & Mokume Gane)

Paula - Essential Jewelry Making Tips"

PRISCILLA - Stained Glass Cane

CYNTHIA - Subtle Romance Bangle

ANGELA - Puppy Paw Pendant

PRISCILLA - Rustic Bangle

ANITA - Windmill Sculpture

KRITHIKA - Jhumka Earrings

TAMMY - Silk Screened Box

LUKE - Delphinium Cane

STACY - Painted Polymer

CYNTHIA - Shabbu Chic Collar

ANITA - Dragon's Eye Pendant

KRITHIKA - Heart Napkin Holder

PAULA - Gold Cuff

EMILIE - Cthulhu with Heart

ANGELA - Silk Screened Votives

RBJEWELZ - Cane Collar

CILLA - Golden Pendant

PANDORA - Snapdragon Cane

STACY - Bull's Eye Cane

 ANGELA - Liquid Clay Geode

CYNTHIA - Baby Elephant Magnet