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DeepShine Brush-On UV Finish 1 Ounce

$ 18.00

Are you looking for a durable, non-yellowing, glossy deep shine finish? Then you're in luck!  DeepShine is thinner than regular UV resin but it doesnt drip; so you can brush an even coat on your pieces even if they're curved, concave or convex. DeepShine is all you need for a hard, waterproof, scratch-resistant finish on bowls, vases, sculpture and jewelry.

PLUS, you can mix DeepShine with glitter and mica powders to create permanent UV paints. 

DeepShine is a cosmetic grade coating that has the viscosity reduced to allow it to flow over larger areas. It DOES have an odor, much like a body shop or nail salon. Use a mask if the smell bothers you. 

Also available in 2 ounce.


Lightly sand piece if necessary to remove high spots or rough areas. Do not buff. Wipe off any sanding dust. Apply DeepShine with a soft brush. Cure for 4 minutes in 36 watt UV light (available on this site).



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