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DeepShine UV Finish with Free Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter

DeepShine UV Finish with Free Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter

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New Formula, New Bottle, NEW 1.5 ounce DeepShine is here! I recommend soft cosmetic brushes in a size appropriate for your project. We include a free one with your order. You will also receive a bottle of Tiny Pandora Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter FREE, so you can create a gorgeous sparkly finish. 

We now have a NEW, denser formula (yes, denser is a word) and it ...

  • Lasts longer in the amber glass bottle 
  • Is bubble-free
  • Fills in rough spots
  • Hardens in 2 minutes in UV light
  • Cures in LED light
  • Cures in the sun
  • Smells slightly less the original formula  
  • Has a violet additive that is GUARANTEED to be NON-YELLOWING
  • Comes with cups. 
  • Free brush included.

Store DeepShine in a dark area. Keep the cap on as much as possible. Pour a small amount on the edge of your brush for very small items, like beads. Use the cups for larger pieces, like bangles; but pour only a little at a time. Lightly sand piece if necessary to remove high spots or rough areas. Do not buff. Wipe off any sanding dust. Apply DeepShine with a soft, synthetic brush. Hardening time is:

36 Watt Tiny Pandora UV Light   2 minutes

Lower wattage UV Light              5-8 minutes

LED Flashlight                              2-3 minutes

Bright Sunlight                            20-40 minutes

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