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EasyCuffs Kit

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Pandora loves to make bracelets. She's made them in hundreds of ways; but cuffs are her favorite because they require no hardware and one size fits all. At first, I cut wood strips in the sizes she liked and she used them for years. You can see them in her early videos. The thing is, she needed to be able to see the patterns through them. Once we got a Lucite supplier, that problem was solved.

The EasyCuffs Kit contains Lucite templates in 1/2"  3/4" and 1" with matching, re-usable aluminum forms. All you need is a sheet or strip of clay and some cane or textured clay to add to it. Then, just cut around your template, place it on the form and bake. Then remove form. Want to make bangles? The Lucite templates are 8 1/4" long, exactly the size of a standard bangle. Click below for videos.

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