SquarePairs - Original Style

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The Original, hollow SquarePairs, nested together in 3 sizes are back.

Note: Fractures may appear in the hollow square tubes over time. The cracks don’t affect the performance of the SquarePairs. 

You don't need to be a caning nerd to truly appreciate the significance of these specialized tools. (But it helps.) See vid links at bottom. 

Kaleidoscope caning generally results in round canes. Now, round canes are gorgeous for bead making and pendants. The thing is, if you want to use them for projects like cuffs and bangles, picture frames, journals, tins, and covering glass, you have to create triangular fill, which, we all know, breaks the symmetry of the design. That's why Pandora invented SquarePairs. Now, any round cane can quickly and easily be made square. The sides of the slices can then be aligned and fit together to create yet another pattern.

SquarePairs convert your round canes to squares without distorting the design. You can now create kaleidoscopic strips and sheets which are useful in  many more projects. Check out these 2 videos to see what SquarePairs can do.