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Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique

The Tiny Pandora Sanding Deck

The Tiny Pandora Sanding Deck

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I make a lot of bracelets and boxes; so I’ve been needing a better sanding method. A while back, my man Spikey stuck an adhesive sanding disk on my work surface. I liked it but it was always this dusty, scratchy thing, perpetually in my way, shredding my sleeves and stuff.
One day I peeled it off and stuck it on a piece of scrap Lucite. It was better because I could move it out of the way; but it slipped all over the place. Then I finally tried adding little silicone feet and YAYYY! PROBLEM SOLVED! Just place your Sanding Deck on your GlassMat or other work surface and go to town. I use it for all my sanding now. 

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