The Tiny Pandora Sanding Deck

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I make a lot of bracelets; so I’ve been needing a better one-handed sanding method. A while back, my man Spikey stuck an adhesive sanding disk on my work surface. I liked it but it was always a dusty scratchy thing, perpetually in my way. I peeled it off and stuck it on a piece of scrap Lucite. It was better because I could move it out of the way; but it slipped all over the place.

Luckily, I found some silicone mats and PROBLEM SOLVED! Just place your purple mat on your GlassMat or other glass or plastic work surface, lay your sanding deck on it and go to town. I use it for all my sanding now. Your Tiny Pandora Sanding Deck also comes with a spare 400 grit replacement disk.