Tiny Pandora UV Curing Deck

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 I LOVE making my pieces complete with UV resin. I just couldn’t ever love the crummy curing decks on the lights. Believe me, I tried. For a long time I just slid the decks out, threw them in the trash and used foil. That was kinda sad though. Thank goodness we now have the TINY PANDORA UV CURING DECK. 

It’s 5.5 wide by x 8.5” long. The reflective surface is sized to clear the back side of the light, so you know just where to place your pieces. The front tab works as a handle, so you can easily slide it out; plus, you can raise the light up and check your items without disturbing them. We even added a clear sticker over Tiny Pandora; so she won’t rub off with use. Enjoy, my Friends.