All the Latest & Greatest UV Resin Supplies

UV products are here to stay; and I'm glad because they have revolutionized the crafting world. The more I experiment with them, the more uses I find.

DeepShine is a permanent, waterproof gloss that can be applied in a heavy coat for doming or a thin coat for brushing on edges and backs. It also mixes with your inclusions, like glitter, mica powder and micro-beads to create 3-D effects. 

GemSticky is a soft gel that holds rhinestones or metal findings in place forever; unlike Superglue, which is water soluble and loosens over time.

GemPutty is a moldable resin with a rubbery consistency, You can roll it into strands to attach rhinestone chain or regular chain. You can also create fancy bezels for your rhinestones. Once cured, there is no stronger adhesion anywhere. 

36 watt UV Curing Lamp with 2 Minute and Stay-On Modes is the perfect size and hardens all of our resin products in under 4 minutes.

Tiny Pandora UV Curing Deck The only thing I don't like about the UV Light is the attached curing surface. It's a pain to slide out and the quality is iffy. That's why I created our exclusive curing deck. Remove the one that comes in your UV light. Place the curing deck in the opening. Now you can raise and lower the light without disturbing your pieces.

UV Resin Bundle You get DeepShine with 5 cups and a super soft brush, GemSticky with 5 Stickywands and a nice, two-ended crystal-picker tool, GemPutty with a tiny steel shovel.

That Old Pandora is a clever one, right?